Originally hailing from Glastonbury, UK and nurtured on a strict diet of mix tapes, raving in fields and doodling in school books, producer, DJ and illustrator Eveson has been making his journey through the deeper spectrum of Drum & Bass since the mid 2000’s.

After initially breaking into the scene as a designer, with artwork for labels such as Metalheadz, Exit Records and Quarantine, it was Eveson’s music that soon became the centre of attention after Fabio debuted a selection of early productions on his BBC Radio 1 show in the summer of 2006. Eveson was quickly propelled into the limelight and over the coming months, went from an unknown name to one of the most featured Drum & Bass artists on UK airwaves, whilst his signature ‘soulful and groove driven’ productions found their way into the record boxes of elite DJs from all corners of the scene, gaining support from the likes of Goldie, LTJ Bukem, Bryan Gee, Grooverider, DJ Marky, Shy FX, dBridge, Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Doc Scott, Total Science, Loxy, Friction, Bailey, Flight and countless others.