Referring to their own teaching position to spread plain and straightforward PunkRock, the FAILED TEACHERS play obliviously diverse cultural classrooms across Europe.

After they gave up their well-payed pedagogues jobs in summer 2000 they have produced teaching methods and didactical means to drag the weed-smoking Neo-Hippie-Youth of the current fashionpunk-movement back onto the hard tarmac of streetpunk.

To make their point and hold vocal lessons, the two taskmasters Prof. Roc. Fuc. Turbowolf and Dr. Punc. Suc. Devil initially occupied spots in shopping-malls throughout Switzerland equipped with a kids-drumset and a simple amp. After five years of street battles, a 7inch and a live-album, thrilled crowds of schoolgirls and schoolboys urged them to ultimatley conquer/join stages in venues. During a FAILED TEACHERS live performance, snappy humor, hilarious announcements, reckless stage dives and flying instruments are a matter of certainty. The teaching sesssions include Hits, Hits and Hits for thirsty throats and streched out fists.

In 2007 the FAILED TEACHERS originated the album “Men’s Room Romance” – shedding amounts of blood and sweat and with the support of sufficient homoerotic power. It contains 15 tough arguments for plain PunkRock. Arguments which are way more effective than a blow with a cane.