Jake Fairley aka Fairmont is an electronic music producer, live performer and DJ from Toronto, Canada. He began his career in the early 2000s making rock-infused techno and electro under his own name for labels such as Kompakt, Sender and Dumb-Unit. However, it was his 2005 smash-hit Gazebo under his Fairmont pseudonym that solidified him as a heavyweight in the global underground scene. Released on James Holden’s Border Community label, Gazebo sold 20,000 vinyl copies, made Fairmont a household name and remains a club standard to this day.

His partnership with Border Community would continue for several years. In 2007 the album Coloured In Memory hit store shelves and became an instant classic in the melodic and indie-techno scenes. The album showcased yet again Fairmont’s refusal to have a linear view of techno music by moving effortlessly between zeitgeist and influences that might have seemed completely out of place at the time, be it surf-rock, folk or kraut. The next few years would see Fairmont’s sound evolving even further, incorporating disco and goth elements into the mix, hinting at what was to come next.

In 2012 Fairmont found a new home base on My Favorite Robot Records with his album, Automaton. With a strong, yet unusual 80s influence and vocals dominating each of it’s 11 tracks, It was nothing short of an electronic pop opus. Automaton’s release coincided with Fairmont unveiling a new incarnation of his live show, adding even more synths and drum machines to his all-hardware (computer-less) arsenal. What was already regarded as one of the most impressive and energetic live shows around, was now somehow a kind of concert as well, with lots of vocals, improvisation and stage presence.

Since Automaton Fairmont has been as busy as ever, running the label Beachcoma with his friends Metope and Side Le Rock, touring every continent, remixing artists such as John Digweed and still finding time for his own productions. In 2014 he began DJing as well as playing live and has already built a serious reputation for his trippy, propulsive sets. Most recently he released the epic Close Your Mind EP on MFRR which is sure to go down as one of the finest records in his expansive, 15 year catalogue.