Romanian Musical Artist, Part of Mahala Rai Banda since 2008

FLORENTINA SANDU, AURELIA SANDU and TANTZICA IONITA all come from the same talented Romanian family, and are all involved in the Gypsy Queens and Kings collaboration project.

Florentina is the younger sister of Aurelia and cousin of Tantzica. All three grew up in Clejani, Romania, the village of legendary ‘Taraf de Haidouks.’ Their grandfather was the violinist of Taraf, Neacsu Nikolae, who gave the girls their musical training. Since childhood, Florentina has played the accordion and sings in traditional Romanian and Gypsy songs.

Aurelia and Tantzica share a passion for dancing. Throughout their childhood they were emersed in Gypsy dancing. In recent years Aurelia has taken interest in Belly dancing and Flamenco. Combining all of these styles and influences, she has created her own form of Gypsy dance.

These three Romanian stars will be performing with other legends of Gypsy music in a concert of over 20 musicians from all over Europe.