Gurzuf is a duo of the accordionist Egor Zabelov and the drummer Artem Zalesskiy.

Gurzuf is an unprecedent duo of accordion and drums. Enough ingredients in the skilled hands of Egor Zabelov and Artem Zalessky, to create a music of unusual intensity, a resounding turmoil that makes you breathless, a torrent of images, evocation and sensations that touch us causing a deep experience of catharsis shared between the musicians and the audience.
An exaltation of melodic beauty, rhythmic ecstasy, pleasure in harmony and definitely in the search for the essence of music.

Gurzuf breaks topics and thrills from the first compass with an unclassifiable and unique, splendid and captivating and amazing music.
“They are playing… well, if I am allowed to add a bit of personal impression here, I’d characterize this as “imagine if King Crimson were to play the tunes of Philip Glass with an accordion”.
In under two years of band’s existence guys have managed to achieve quite a lot: they’ve composed and recorded a couple of sound tracks for the Belarusian puppet theater plays, released a full-length album, achieved a great level of popularity in the neighboring countries – they’re now cruising with concerts in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Russia all the time (in fact it is very sad we no longer see that much of them in Belarus).
Their level of professionalism was previously recognized with many awards on Russian and Polish alternative music festivals, and now finally with an invitation to represent Belarus at the GBOB competition.”