Herpes Ö DeLuxe, formed 1995, is a four piece group from Bern/Switzerland working in a musical field between atmospheric noise, electronica bruitiste, sombre soundscapes or harsh drones. Their instruments are partly analogue electronic gear, partly self-built or deconstructed tools like tape loops or turntables that are (mis-)used as sound sources (i.e. as rhythm generators).

Live performances – electronic and acoustic soundscapes, ranging from ambient sounds and playful collages to devastating, rhythmic noise attacks – always refer to the moment. According to this, an exclusive set is elaborated for every event, no one of which is ever performed again in the same form, because the spontaneous aspect would be lost and a reproduction would be in opposition to the interactive play of the four musicians, which depends strongly on the situation of a given event. Shows are often complemented with performance elements or other actions.