Hot Running Blood

It’s a lovely summer day, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. Suddenly the blue sky darkens with black clouds. Something threatening is in the air. Of course you attend in order to devote full attention to this gathering storm. This is the moment when the music of HOT RUNNING BLOOD thunders out. Like a summer storm, brutal, intoxicating, beautiful…

The sound is driven by the drummer, Chardy-San and the bass player Flap Jack. They form the foundation from which the guitar riffs and lyrics of Jonny Yan Again and Lou Martini develop. This brings on an unmistakable manuscript: HOT RUNNING BLOOD – this is dangerous, this is dirty. This is Stoner-rock, blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Since setting up in 2007, the four lads from Berne have performed all over Switzerland and done what they do best: hyped up their fans, tempered their style and fired up the chiefly still virgin audience. With their large number of live shows, the lads have played their way to a hard core of fans in every corner of Switzerland.

Their second album, “LOVE IS BLIND”, was released in autumn 2013 by the Subversiv Records label.