Italian trio Inward, Hanzo & Randie have always been influenced by a wide array of musicians and genres, drawing inspiration from jungle, d&b, breakcore, metal, punk and techno to fuse into fresh ideas that perfectly annihilate the dance. Following their initiation into the Italian d&b scene in 2010-11 with releases as separate entities on Maztek’s ‘Subculture Music’ label, the members of the trio started to be individually recognized as gifted producers, and were invited to release on labels such as Optiv’s Red Light Records, Big Riddim and Avantgarde Recordings. But it was in 2016 when things started moving in a direct and hype way, with the coming together or the 3 producers on a more permanent basis, bursting into raver’s awareness and impressing the top tier of d&b producers with first the ‘Stutter’ EP on Red Light, followed by the ‘Squaremouth’ EP on Cause4Concern Recordings – which saw airplay from Friction and Noisia, as well as the trio remixing C4C’s legendary track ‘Gas Chamber’. With 2017 upon us, and the joining of Inward, Hanzo & Randie to the MethLab roster, and with rumours of a massive LP incoming on Cause4Concern Recordings – the future is very bright for this trio of fast-moving producers with an intricate ear for complex production. Expect to hear their names on an exponentially growing cycle.