Jacqui fell in love with electronic music the first time she heard in 1994 and has mixed and bought records regularly since then. She has worked in the “milieu” for years, booking for many events and clubs in and around Switzerland. (Electronic music booking for 5 years for the Veaudoux Club in Monthey then bookings for Lee van Dowski, Quenum, Agnés, Chaton – also while working for VR Recods in Lausanne)

Booking and management took up most of her time until she became resident at “La CauseTek” (literally “The Talk Tek”) in Lausanne before starting the legendary underground “La BlablaTek” which she carried on for nearly 8 years. Almost every well known Swiss artist from Lausanne such as Digitaline, (Laps & Gregorythme), Pompelmoessap, Mirwies Sanguin, Juan Baeza & Masaya all made their debuts there.

She has headed many concepts such as D! Click ‘n D! Clack at the famous D! Club in Lausanne; Break da Rostigraben with her friend Ghettopo (a daylight party held on the Swiss National holiday by the lake in Lausanne from 9am -12p.m – + 800 people) and EMCS (Electronic Music Convention of Switzerland +-25’000 entries over 4 solid days and nights)

MiniShake is her more recent concept, promoting new upcoming talent held in clubs throughout Switzerland such as La Ruche – Lausanne, Piping Club –Geneva, Les Temps Modernes – Vevey, Hive Club – Zurich, Formbar – Bern, Crem – Geneva, Legend Club– Bienne. Many then international artists such as Pheek, Bruno Pronsato, Mike Wall, Sebastian Herre, Shadi Megallaaa, Franco Bianco, Kabale und Liebe, Chaton, Dan Berkson & James What, Dario Zenker, Wla Garcia, Red Robin and Dilo have played there. Small, intimate parties where the artists are at ease, the public eager listeners and where the “in the good dj we trust” attitude has made MiniShake Parties important dates in most party lover’s agendas. Discovering new energies, fat sounds and people have become her passion.

Her musical influences are wide and varied and this can be felt in her music where she finds it difficult to abide to one particular “style” At first she was tempted by techno / hard techno and was greatly influenced by artists such as Dave Clark, Robert Hood, Claude Young etc then swerved to darker Electro (Neil Landstrum and such) before finding herself doing what she really loves: groovy clicks ‘n cuts or “whatever makes my bum hum” she replies to this question.

She is regularly in Printemps Digital Studios with Frank Master, dabbling at this and that and they signed their first track “Daylight Party” to Harry Klein Networks on the Marry Klein 2008, where she was invited to play with some of the best female minimal to techno artists around. They have since produced on Intension Muzik and Fantastic Friends (remixed by Lula Circus). Her and Franco do not hesitate to include organic sounds and have worked with artists such as Phil Parnel (keyboards) and trumpet virtuoso Yannick Barman. She is curently working on a few remixes, namely “Fuck the dishes” by Alex Hawkin due out on Fine Food Records in mid June.

Jacqui is best behind the turntables, as a performing artist, her warm character and antics make her a local favourite.