With popular mixtapes, hit singles and now his debut album, JESSE ROYAL is establishing himself as one of the next reggae superstars to emerge from Jamaica. Jesse’s reputation has been steadily building over the past half- decade. His versatile singjay style recalls some of the giants of reggae history, however his diverse musical taste and restless artistic spirit have set him on a unique path that is helping propel the genre into new territory.

His debut album, “Lily Of Da Valley” went straight to No1 on the Billboard Reggae Charts and was hailed by critics as one of the greatest reggae albums of 2017. The project includes Hits such as “Modern Day Judas” and “Finally” which have garnered a combined 10 MILLION plays on streaming services worldwide so far.

Having collaborated with a wide range of Genres (Collab’s with MAJOR LAZER, BAD BRAINS and more) – he has already been covered by Major media outlets such as VOGUE and VICE. He obviously thrives on the unconventional approach, while still keeping grounded in the history of reggae – because to JESSE, he is not reviving the past; he is firmly rooted in the here and now, with an eye on the future.