Rightfully refusing to be tied to one particular sound, Niconé moves with ease between summery anthems, tight deep house and experimental pop-not-pop, while all of his music productions are characterized by the fact that there’s always a twist. In other words Niconé is anything but boring. While tracks such as ‘Una Rosa’ (2008) and the Bar 25 hymn ‘Nur mal kurz’ (2009) led to well-deserved underground fame, later Niconé teamed up with his good friend and partner in crime Sascha Braemer to record their hugely successful ‘Romantic Thrills’ album, released on Stil vor Talent. Showcasing a wide spectrum rather than a rigid definition of house. Among his many projects lets not forget his successful label Dantze with Philip Baader and Sascha Braemer. Niconé is a friend of the club and part of the Ritter Butzke cosmos for quite a while. Now he joins the family with a EP release. The music is a comfortable rollercoaster ride, merging underground house and friendly techno, ready for the club and much like Niconé himself : playful, different, and untamed.