The band’s musical styles and influences include the Master Musicians of Joujouka, funk, circus music, New Orleans jazz, Black Sabbath, and gypsy music from Eastern Europe.
The group has often appeared uninvited at corporate events, protests, marches, weddings, and other public occasions. They appeared unexpectedly at a book signing by David Byrne, which impressed Byrne so much that he invited them as an opening act for various performances in California.
Other performance highlights include stopping at the Hollywood Bowl, and later sloshing through three inches of toilet water that covered the entire floor of the San Diego club the Casbah. A tour of the American South re-created Black Sabbath’s heavy-metal debut, with plain ole heavy eXtreme Elvis on vocals. After these performances, Extra Action performed at other large venues such as the Download Festival (U.S. version), where they performed on stage with Modest Mouse and Arcade Fire, as well as the Fusion Festival (Germany) and the Rock for People festival (Czech Republic) in 2007, and festival I.D.E.A.L. in France (2008), to name a few. However, the band is most at home in small to medium-sized venues where they can get up close and personal with the audience (often spending more time in the audience than on stage). Sex and sensuality play a key role in this group’s dynamic and stage (as well as floor) presence. Also of note is the manner in which the band uses “military-style” formations to careen through, corral, and otherwise manipulate its audiences.