WAREIKA (live)


WAREIKA started as a creative project in 2007. Back in the school days the friends Jakob Seidensticker and Henrik Raabe formed a band called The Havana Boys, which was known as the house band of the famous Mojo Club in Hamburg. While playing a gig in a hot summer night Florian Schirmacher, successful with projects like Glowing Glisses, jumped up onto stage and the story began. Their very first release Men Village on Connaisseur Recordings demonstrates the deep influence of meditative jazz and hypnotic dub sounds that all three musicians are heavily into. Definitely no need to mention King Tubby, Sun Ra or especially the master of afrobeat Fela Kuti.

It showcases the musical education all three artists enjoyed from an early age. Henrik studied guitar, drums and piano, Florian was educated in singing and piano, while Jakob can master a bass and plays all kinds of percussions. Besides this classical education Jakob and Florian are also very much into djing, rooted within Techno, House and more sorts of contemporary club music, leaving no surprise as you think of the high level of versatility of WAREIKAs musical style.